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      • Model MI4000 can be applied sensor(4ea) based on Input 4ch, output 4ch.
      • One touch Auto zero.
      • External data Auto zero function.
      • External data hold function.
      • External data peak hold function.
      • External sample hold function.
      • External full proof average function.
      • External peak to peak function.
      • External program lock function.

      Application sensor

      Torque transducer, Load cell, Pressure Transducer, Potentiometer, encoder, RPM sensor, L.V.D.T etc.

      • Analogue Auto zero.
      • Analogue Scale zero.




      Specifications Accuracy
      emperature storage -10℃ ~ 85℃
      Temperature operating 0 ~ 60℃
      Relat output AC 125V 0.5A, DC 24V 1A
      Transducer excitation 5, 10, 15, 24VDC, ±15VDC
      Type of inputs accepted 0.5 ~ 3.5mV/V
      Transducer current drive 120mA
      Calibration method Front panel switches
      Frequency response 5KHz
      Full scale output 0~5V, 10V
      Low pass filter 10Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz
      Temperature drift 0.02% FS/˚C
      A/D conversion 16Bit
      Sampling speed 500times/sec
      Characters displayed 5 digits
      Typical accuracy ±0.02%
      Polarity indicator Yes
      Decimal point selection Push button setup
      Display size 14mm & 10mm
      Resolution maximum 99999
      Type 5X7 DOT 20Digit 4Line
      Input/output connector Push button
      Weight 1000g
      Mounting Panel mounting
      Size 96mm × 96mm × 166mm
      Power requirements 220V : 50/60Hz(Option 110VAC, DC24V)