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      • Digital indicator that displays the individual outputs and sum
      • of the outputs of the four load cells. Suitable for high weight
      • hopper, tank scale. Each load cell can be individually calibrated via the DSC40 and indicators.
      • Watch dog
        Display part and analogue zero by auto zero(DAC)
      • Relay output : Hi, Low, NG, OK.

      Option No.2 RS232C serial interface (Standard installed)
      Option No.3 RS485 Multi drop interface


      Specifications DN-340 DSC40
      SIGNAL 1 ~ 3mV/V
      ANALOG OUT DC 0~10V (4 ~ 20mA option)
      Available Sensors 4 Channel
      Max. Indication Stainless gauge sensor
      (bridge 120W, 350W, 700W)
      A/D Converter Individual display: -1999 ~ +9999
      Sum display: -19999 ~ +99999
      A/D Converter 24 bit
      D/A Converter 16 bit
      Temp. ZERO 0.5μV/℃
      SPAN 50ppm/℃
      Measurement display Individual display:7 segment  LED 8mm
      Sum display:7 segment  LED 14mm
      Status LED Red LED 6 EA
      Key switch 4EA
      Comparison Output Upper limit (HI), lower limit (LO),
      normal (OK)
      Output (4 Relay)
      Contact capacity AC 250V 5A
      Temperature -10℃~ 60, 80% RH or less -10℃~ 60, 80% RH or less
      Weight about 600g about 700g
      Power supply AC 90 ~ 240V, 50/60㎐ DC 8~12V, 2W
      CABLE GRAND Ø8mm cable grand 5 EA
      OPTION RS232C or RS485
      Outer diameter 97×97×141 mm (W×H×D) 125×80×58 mm (W×H×D)