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      • Pocket indicator with battery.
      • The PDN-10 has been designed specifically to operate with strain gauge sensors such as Load cell, Pressure Transducer. LVDT. etc.
      • Peak hold
      • Auto Zero
      • Measuring Data Saving (Max 500pcs.)
      • Hi, Low Display LED



      Specifications Accuracy
      Power Source DC 9V battery
      Electric current Consumption 15mA
      LOAD CELL input range 1.0mV/V ~ 3.0mV/V, Potenticmeter : 100~10KΩ
      Display 4 1/2 Digit LCD
      Characters displayed +19999
      Display Speed Approx. 10 times/sec
      Decunak point Position 0, 0.0, 0.00, 0.000
      A/D Sampling speed 100 times/sec
      A/D Resolution 16 bit
      Zero Adjust Range 100% F.S(AUTO ZERO)
      Data stonage 500 data can be memorised
      Data output RS232C Serial Interface