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Rod end bearing

    Rod end bearing

      • Made of aluminum alloy material.
      • Used to measure the brake pedal force in the car development industry.
      • Capacity : 1000N,2000N




      Load Cell Cap Nut
      REM-6 UU-2kg~20kgf M6 x 1
      REM-12A UU-50kg~1000kgf M12x1.75
      REM-18 UL-1000kg~5000kgf M18x1.5
      REM-20 UU-2000kg M20x1.5
      REM-24 UU-5000kg M24x2
      REM-39 UU-10tf,TX-10tf,UL-10tf M39x2
      REM-12B UL-500kgf,TX-100kgf~500kgf M12x1.25
      Specifications are subiect to change without notice.