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      The product shows signal of differential trane displace sensor (LVDT) into digital display and analogue output as indicator, and intermediate or high sampling (100 times/sec) and comparison output are available.


      • Best for measuring transformer type displacement sensor (LVDT)
      • Rapid sampling speed (100 times/sec.)
      • High resolving power (16bit A/D)
      • High accuracy (over 0.02% F S) and stability
      • One touch Auto zero (Display & Analog out zero)
      • Calibration of measurement Standard
      • Watch dog
      • Peak & sample hold
      • Upper and lower limit comparison output
      • NG, OK decision function
      • 4 Relay (HH, HI, LO, LL) out
      • Analog out (DAC)


      • OP-02 : RS-232C serial interface
      • OP-03 : RS485 Multi drop interface


      Specifications Accuracy
      Application sensor linear variable differential transformer (LVDT)
      Sensor authorized voltage 2Vrms/5kHz
      Zero adjustment range 100%F·S (Auto Zero)
      Display -19999 ~ -99999
      Character height 7 segment LED 10mm
      Decimal point Random setting available
      A/D converter 16bit, 100 times/sec
      D/A converter 12bit
      Zero variation within 0.5μV/℃
      Sensitivity variation within 0.01%/℃
      Voltage output DC 0~10V (4~20mA : in accordance with customer request)
      Usage temperature range -10℃~60℃
      Humidity Less than 80% RH (no dew condensation)
      Contact capacity AC 250V 5A
      Relay life time more than 5,000,000 times
      Power source used 220V 50/60Hz (110V available by internal operation)
      Option OP-02 : RS232C, OP-03 : RS485