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      The PDN-20 has been designed specifically to operate with strain gauge sensors such as Load cell, Pressure Transducer. LVDT. etc.

      • Pocket indicator with rechargeable battery.
      • NG, OK judgments with LED display(with open collector output)
      • Connectable to computer through USB output cable
      • Display reverse function.
      • Ergonomic, heavy-duty metal construction
      • UNIT CONVERSION : N, kgf, lbf ,ozf



      Specifications Accuracy
      Usable Sensor Strain gauge type sensor (Bridge  350Ω, 700Ω)
      Range of Indication -99999 ~ +99999
      A/D Transducer 16bit , 100times/sec
      D/A Transducer 12bit
      Indication of Measuring Value 5 Digit LCD ( Right/reverse display available)
      Measuring Unit kgf , N , lbf , ozf
      Condition indicating LED Indication of charge and compare output condition
      Compare Output High, Low, Good
      Analog Output DC ± 1V
      Communication Output USB RS232
      Range of using temperature -10℃ ~ 40℃, less than 80% RH (no dew condensation)
      Weight Approximately 800g
      Power Nickel hydrogen (NimH), Chargeable Adapter (DC 9V)
      Continuous Use Life Approximately 40 hours
      Charging Time Approximately 8 hours
      Standard components AC Chargeable Adapter , Handy case
      Option 1. USB cable    2. Connector for analog output and relay output