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      • Isolation from the external noise
      • Watch-dog function
      • Display resolution, up to 1/20,000
      • 2pcs Digital input terminal built in (Zero, Tare/Reset)
      • DC 24V power supply. (Without Polarity)
      • Data back-up function
      • Full Automatic Calibration method
      • Simulating Calibration Method (without Span weight)
      • Option : Rs-422 / Rs-485 Rs-232(extra) / 4~20mA or 0~10V output
      • Small size(48*48*118mm)



      Option No.1 RS-422,RS485
      Option No.2 4~20mA (Analogue Output)
      Option No.3 0~10V (Analogue Output)
      Display Part
      Display Parts Specification
      Display Main Display 7Segments, 5 Digit RED FND Display
      Size :12.7mm(H)×7.3mm(W)
      Min. Division ×1, ×2, ×5, ×10, ×20, ×50
      Max. display value +99,950
      Under Zero value “-” (Minus display)
      Status lamp Zero, Stable, Low, High, OK, Hold, Comm. RED LED Display(3Ø)
      Key Function keys Zero / F / Set / Enter
      General Spectification
      Specifications Accuracy
      Input Sensitivity 0.45㎶ / Digit
      Load Cell Excitation DC 5V
      Max. Signal Input Voltage Max.32mV
      Temperature Coefficient [Zero] ±20PPM/℃ / [Span] ±20PPM/℃
      Input Noise ±0.6㎶ P.P
      Input Impedance Over 10㏁
      A/D Conversion Method Sigma-Delta
      A/D Resolution(Internal) 260,000 Count(18bit)
      A/D Sampling Rate Max. 80times / Sec
      Non-Linearity 0.01% FS
      Display Resolution(External) 1/30,000