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DN-GI200, GI100

    DN-GI200, GI100

      • Grapic Indicator-Color Graphic LCD Touch Screen.
      • Diverse of Load Control Mode.

      DN-GI100 : 1ch indicator (load cell)
      -High sampling speed , 4,000/1sec

      DN-GI200 : 2ch indicator (CH1 :load cell,CH2:Distance Sensor)
      – High Sampling Speed: 2,000/1sec.(per 1ch )



      Specifications DN-GI200, GI100
      Sensor EXC A-CH (load cell):DC 10/5V,120mA,B-CH : B-CH(Distance Sensor)
      Input Signal Range A-CH ;0~±40mA,B-CH :0 ~±10V,4~20mA,0~20mA
      Conversion Speed A-CH :4,000times/sec.B-CH : 2000/sec
      Non-linearity A-CH : ±0.02% F.S +1digit,B-CH :±0.02% F.S+1digit
      Input Sensitivity A-CH :1.0㎶/Digit,B-CH :1.0mV/Digit (0~10V)
      Input Impedance A-CH 10MohmB-CH :1 Mohm / 50ohm
      Temperature Factor. ±0.005% of rdg +0.5 digit/℃
      Analogue Filter 10,30,300,600 Hz
      Digit 0~±99999
      Circumstance 0~40℃
      Power AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz
      Consumed Power Around 32VA
      Output Standard : Relay Output (HH,HI,GO,LO,LL)
      1.RS-232C serial output
      2.RS-485 serial output
      3.±0~10V or 4~20mA Analogue output
      4.BCD parallel output
      5.SD memory card
      Display Window STN color LCD, 74(W)×55(H)mm