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      As dynamic strain amplifier, it uses single or SUB Rack case, and can be used as multi-channel. It is used for strain gauge applied sensors, and strain measurement of potentiometer and mV output sensor and half and full bridge as high-level model.

      • Built-in automatic temperature compensating circuit
      • Easy to adjust zero and span by volume
      • Built-in single step adjustment function of Gain and LPF by rotary switch
      • Bridge power supply built-out optional switch
      • One touch auto zero function
      • Built-in self calibration function




      Specifications Accuracy
      Bridge Voltage Constant voltage DC 1V, 2V, 5V, 7.5V, 10V
      Application bridge resistance 100Ω ~ 1㏀
      Rated output Voltage ±10V (Load resistance more than 200Ω)
      Current 4 ~ 20㎃ (Load resistance less than 300Ω)
      Zero adjustment ranger 10%, 10rotations
      Gain (Max 1000) Switch : 1, 10, 100, 400, 1000 times / Span : 1 ~ 11 times
      S/N rate 54㏈
      Frequency response DC ~ 20 ㎑ (-3㏈)
      Low Pass Filter 10㎐, 100㎐, 1㎑, 10㎑, WB
      Non-linearity ±0.01% F.S
      Usage temperature range 0 ~ 60℃
      Stability (temp. characteristic) Sensitivity ±0.03%/℃
      Humidity Less than 80% RH (No dew condensation)
      Supply power AC 220V 50/60㎐ (AC 110V available by internal operation)
      Correction value 200με, 2000με(1000μStrain = 0.5㎷/V)
      Specifications are subiect to change without notice.