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Digital Amplifier SA-16CH

    Digital Amplifier SA-16CH

      This product is a Strain Amplifier displaying ±10V analogue signals on LCD screen by calculating various sensor’s input signals. This has the functions of strain measurement and analogue output and more functions than existing universal amplifier.

      • Real data value and out voltage can be checked.
      • Kind of sensor, sensor spec, deciaml points can be setted by touch screen.
      • No need bridge box by Built-in 120Ω, 350Ω bridge circuit.
      • 19″ rack (3U) can be intalled.
      • D/A offset and D/A span can be setted.
      • 2channels per slot type
      • Use both roud type connector or 5p Screw connector



      Specifications Accuracy
      Number of Channel 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 channel
      Display 5.6 inch TFT Touch LCD
      Measure Hz 10kHz
      Analog Output Hz 10kHz
      Input Sensor – 1Gage & 2Gage : 120Ω, 350Ω
      – 4Gage Bridge Sensor : 0.5 mV/V ~ 100mV/V
      – Potentionmeter Sensor
      – Voltage : 10V
      Strain Input Range 10000, 100000, 1000000 X 10-6 strain
      Low Pass Filter 10Hz, 100Hz, 1Khz, 10Khz
      Bridge EXC Voltage 2Volt, 5Volt, 10Volt
      A/D Convertion 16Bit 10,000times/sec.
      D/A Convertion 16Bit 10,000times/sec.
      Demension 450(W)*132(H)*280(D)mm, 19″ Rack 3U SIZE
      Power AC220V 50~60Hz
      Specifications are subiect to change without notice.